2011 Awards Banquet

With some nearly 60 members of the Society gathering on the pleasant evening of November 12, the 2011 Annual Society Banquet was held at the East Main Church of Christ Annex.  We express our very warmest thanks to the Church for their wonderful hospitality in allowing us to gather in such an agreeable space.  We also thank Carolyn Miller and her staff at “Carolyn’s Creations” for the excellent meal.  Our esteemed president, Greg Tucker, led us in expressing our gratitude to those individuals, who this year have “gone the extra mile” to keep the Society functioning smoothly.

Greg introduced the family of C.B. Arnette.  It is through their generosity that we now have a place we can call “home”— the old Ransom School building.  Greg presented a “proof” of the bronze plaque which will be placed on the outside front wall of the building. It will read: In Memory of CHARLES BYRON ARNETTE 1918-2010, Author – Historian – Businessman, Ransom School Alumnus, The Estate of C.B. Arnette donated this antebellum house and former private primary school to the RUTHERFORD COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, August 2011.

Rev. Joe Rushing, son of Charter Member, the late Lurleen Dill Rushing, accepted a plaque dedicated to his mother. The plaque will be placed in a prominent place at the Ransom School. It reads: The Rutherford County Historical Society fondly remembers and honors LURLEEN DILL RUSHING 1918 – 2011 Teacher – Genealogist – Homemaker.  A generous 2001 gift from this Charter Member has advanced and enhanced our mission, secured our future, and made many things possible.  Dedicated November 2011.

Greg announced that the Society has created a new award called “The RCHS Mule Award.” This year’s recipient went to Russell Norton, “For his strong back and stubborn determination to see the task to its exhausting end.  Were it not for his pulling us through, we would not have gotten ready, on time and fully equipped.”  Russell and his wife, Vicki, have volunteered many and long hours to coordinating and moving the Society’s publication collection.  With the donation of the books from C.B. Arnette’s collection, the Society now has probably well over 10,000 books for sale. A list of these publications and their prices, can be found at the Society’s web site.

Greg also recognized certain members for their many volunteer services: Jane Blakey for opening her home to the Society for the wine tasting hour prior to the Banquet.

Nell Blankenship for the beautiful and colorful gourd centerpieces placed on each of the Banquet tables.

Don Detwiler for his meticulous financial expertise as treasurer.

Susan Daniel for her ongoing preserving of the county’s history in the Society’s publications.

Ernie Johns, as Society Trustee and being in charge of this year’s conference of Middle Tennessee historical societies.

E.C. Tolbert, as Society Trustee and conscience of the Society.

Charles Nored, with E. C. Tolbert, for providing this past year’s wonderful programs.

Richard Davenport for his hospitality in hosting the September meeting at his home, a museum showplace of an incredible collection of relics from by-gone days.

Shirley Jones for her wonderful publication “The Uncivil War in Middle Tennessee.”

Don Wolfe for his devotion in documenting in photographs the present and on-going history of the Society.

We should also give kudos to Greg Tucker for his publication “Rutherford. . . For Real”— his second book of stories and history of Rutherford’s past.

If you were not at the Banquet, you also missed a wonderful program presented by Crocia Roberson, a collector of antique toys. We hope you will consider coming to the Banquet next year –- it is an occasion not to be missed.

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