Boutique Hotel, Condos, Retail-Office Space Downtown

WGNS Radio, February 22, 2018


The square block of East College, North Church, East Lytle and North Spring Streets have plans for a boutique hotel, residential space, along with retail and office space. The entire historic sanctuary and bell tower of the almost 200-year old former First United Methodist Church is the keystone of the total development. Murfreesboro Investment Group, LLC presented their plans to the Murfreesboro City Council on Thursday evening (2/22/2018). It will take approximately 18-months for all required procedures to be approved, before construction can begin.


The Murfreesboro City Council met Thursday night (2/22/2018), and it appears that the growing historic district is on the way to getting luxury downtown condos, a boutique hotel along with retail and office space.

The council is favoring a proposal by Murfreesboro Development Group, LLC, but the agreement is not finalized until

(L-R) Nick Patel, Bob Patel and WGNS’ Bart Walker.

approval is not secured with all facets of the plan.

The three principals of the group are Nick and Bob Patel along with Mike Chaudhary.

Originally the plans called for three buildings that would be 4 to 6 stories tall, plus the historic almost 200-year old church structure, but Patel indicated that initial demand for space is causing them to change to 8 stories, if needed.

He noted that of the approximate 200,000 square feet, 58,000 square feet would be devoted to 55 residential units.

The principal in the Murfreesboro Investment Group told WGNS that the hotel size had also been increased from the originally planned 80 rooms to now being 100.

This is a view of the property layout looking from above.

The complex would have 456 parking spaces partially below ground level as well as at ground level. In addition, there would be 48 street parking spaces around the complex.

This is from East Lytle Street, looking down North Church (on the right). The square block will contain office and retail space, a boutique hotel, and residential space.

The entire development will be located on an entire square block of prime downtown real estate that is bordered by East College, North Church, East Lytle and North Spring Streets. Construction is expected to begin after preliminary steps have been approved. That means approximately 18-months before construction begins.

NewsRadio WGNS will keep you informed along the way.

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