Caravan tour of cemeteries and home sites of the ancestors of Tab and Hattie Henderson

Frank Caperton, November 24, 2017

Billy Pittard and Bob Henderson arranged a tour of home sites and cemeteries of the ancestors of Tab and Hattie Henderson of northern Rutherford County.

We met at the Walter Hill Church of Christ then travelled to the Hoover Family Cemetery off Arnold Drive.  The Hoover Family Cemetery is Also known as Walter Hill Cemetery and Johns Cemetery.

Buried here are:
• William N. “Billy” Malone 1803-1847
• John Hoover, Sr. 1777-1845 (Billy Malone’s father-in-law)
• John Hoover’s wife Lydia Waller b. 1783
• and numerous others

Learn more about this cemetery by visiting:

Our next stop was the Malone Henderson Cemetery off Powell’s Chapel Road.

Buried here are:
• AJ Malone 1828-1902
• Amanda Peyton Malone 1832-1868
• Robert Hatton Henderson 1861-1943
• Bettie Malone Henderson 1859-1938
• and others

Our next stop was the Henderson Malone home place on Powell’s Chapel Road.  Bruce and Asta Werme were perfect hosts, sharing the wonderful history of their home.

This house was built by Billy Malone and his wife Mariah Hoover Malone.  Learn more about Mariah at

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