Coca-Cola Bottlers in County since 1909

The Daily News Journal, April 17, 1983

Coca-Cola Bottling Works, 510 S.E. Broad Street, bottles Coke and other soft drinks and markets them locally.

Affiliated with Coca-Cola, USA in Atlanta, the local company employs 35 people.

C.B. Huggins, president, Jeff Davis, vice president/general manager and Steve Scott, vice-president/secretary treasurer, are in charge of the company which has been in Rutherford County for 75 years.

Coca-Cola was added to the Christy Huggins Cola & Ice Co. in 1909.  Heirs of Christy Huggins owned the bottling works till 1983.  1984 is the silver anniversary of the Coca-Cola Bottling Works here.

“1983 was a booming year for the Coca-Cola industry”, said Davis.  “Diet Coke is now the top selling sugar-free soft drink that was introduced only 18 months ago.”

“We expect 1984 to be equal or better than 1983,” Davis said.  “People are so health concious that the soft drink industry is constantly changing to adapt to those needs.”

Officials of the bottling works agreed that 1983 was an interesting year in the soft drink industry, but 1984 should be even more interesting.


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