New book documents MTMC’s rise in ‘Boro

As published in the Murfreesboro Post, Mike West, Managing Editor, January 30, 2011MTMC

Throughout Murfreesboro’s growth as a community, few things have stayed the same.

One of the constants, however, has been the Middle Tennessee Medical Center and its commitment to serving the needs of Murfreesboro.

This commitment is what a new book, written and researched by Patsy B. Weiler, chronicles.

The book, titled A Time to Build Up: The History of Middle Tennessee Medical Center 1927-2010 follows 83 years of history, taking readers through many additions, a name change and the recent move to a new building.

The 120-page book includes more than 200 pictures from all points in the history of MTMC.

Many of these pictures were given to the book from private collections, so this is the first time they have been shared with the public.

A Time to Build Up also includes 90 interviews with people from all walks of life who have been impacted by MTMC.

“The great thing about this book,” said Public Relations Coordinator Erin Yeldell, “Is that it sheds light on all of the people who have worked with the hospital throughout the years, and it gives them a chance to share stories and memories about their time at MTMC.”

One of the most notable of these interviews is former CEO James Arnhard, who was CEO of MTMC for more than 30 years and made many contributions to the hospital.

Yeldell shared her favorite thing about the book is that it tells the “human story” of the hospital.

With so much history, it is easy to overlook the stories of the people.  “It gives tribute to all of the leaders that have helped make MTMC what it is today.

It is clear through the book that we are a hospital that is dedicated to the community.

We have changed to meet the needs of the people that visit us.

For example, the book discusses how we care for the poor who may or may not have insurance.

The hospital has been serving Murfreesboro for 84 years and we will continue to do so.”

A Time To Build Up: The History of Middle Tennessee Medical Center 1927-2010 represents an important part of Murfreesboro history.

MTMC has been a constant fixture for Murfreesboro since 1927 and this book celebrates the contributions that MTMC has made in the community.

A Time To Build Up is available for purchase both at The Write Impression and the MTMC gift shop.

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