Rutherford County Historian Greg Tucker talks of December 1946

Rutherford County Historian Greg Tucker gives a brief ‘history lesson’ each month at the Murfreesboro (Tennessee) City Council meeting.

Please click on the above pic and enjoy the seven minute video.

Movies were closed on Sundays in 1946.  That is till the returning vets convinced the Princess and the Roxy otherwise.

Young & Ogles Lumber Yard, Ransom Cotton Gin and Murfreesboro Electric warehouse were located on Water Street; soon to be N.W. Broad Street.

The newest industry in 1946 was the Grapette Bottling Company located on Vine Street.

Coins collected from Murfreesboro parking meters were hand-counted till 1946.

The Tennessee General Assembly approved ‘home rule’ in 1946 meaning cities could amend their charters without going through the state legislature.

Murfreesboro passed an ordinance assessing a $50 fine for dumping in Town and Lytle Creeks.

A government contractor named ‘Air Utilities’ (Air Utilities had taken over the old Sky Harbor airport in the Florence community just prior to World War II) switched from cutting graphite during the war for the Oak Ridge project to manufacturing knitting machines for the expanding apparel industry in middle Tennessee.

WWII veteran Rollie Holden, Sr. in 1946 was selling fireworks at the corner of College and Front Streets.  Soon there after he opened Holden Hardware, Murfreesboro’s longest operating business on the Square.

Murfreesboro City Council voted to give employees a 7.5% pay raise!

Cecil Elrod of was selling silk stocking for $3 a pair.

A breakfast of ham and eggs – $0.40.  A meat-and-three plate lunch set you back $0.45.  Coffee?  How about five cents.

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