Sylvester Chambers, Master Clock Maker

Monday, September 16, 2019, Rutherford County Archive

Sylvester Chambers has been a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors since (1985).

Sylvester has a broad range of experience in collecting, building and repairing mechanical clocks of all makes, especially antique clocks.  He has been repairing clocks for over 40 years.  He has a repair shop that contains the equipment to fabricate and machine clock parts.  He makes what he needs when that is the only source.

He also has experience in the specialty trade of moving Grandfather clocks from their previous location to their new home, setting them up and calibrating them to run accurately.

During his 37 years at AVCO, he built and repaired clocks in his spare time.  During that period, he bought so many clock movements from the Hermle Clock Company in Germany that the Company honored Sylvester and his wife with a free two-week trip to Germany including rental car.

In 1983 Sylvester was honored to build six Grandfather clocks for the City of Smyrna, which were shipped to the City of Kanda Japan, which is the home city of Nissan Auto Factory in Smyrna.

Sylvester has also been involved in repairing Towers clocks throughout middle Tennessee and Kentucky.

He became involved with the Murfreesboro Tower Clock when he was told in (1999) that “there is a piece of clock laying over there at the Court House” and “come and get it if you want it”.  One thing led to another.  As things proceeded, Sylvester decided to repair the clock, which he did for no charge.  The effort involved custom work from other clock experts around the country, whose work was paid for by several anonymous donor at the expense of $12,000 with no cost to Rutherford County. Restoration took (1999-completed in 2007)   The restored clock is now located Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce When he is not working on clocks, Sylvester is an avid square dancer.

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