Civil war sniper rifle on display Tuesday

The Murfreesboro Post, May 9, 2011

A rare public display of a prolific Civil War instrument of death, to wit, a sniper’s rifle is scheduled for 7 p.m., Tuesday at the Rutherford County Court House.

Area residents will have an opportunity to view, at no charge, when Circuit Judge Ben Hall McFarlin is scheduled to join Kentucky author Lt. Col Tom McKenney in a public lecture at Rutherford County’s historic Courthouse, detailing the life of West Tennessee’s “reluctant rebel” Jack Hinson.

McKenney, retired Marine author and speaker, will have his book – “Jack Hinson’s One Man War” – available for purchase, McFarlin noted, at a cost of approximately $20.

It’s a historic opportunity, noted published Civil War-period author Shirley Ann Farris Jones of Murfreesboro, to “examine and experience up close and personal” the history of Jack Hinson’s rifle credited with slaying more than 100 Yankee officers and soldiers from ambushes along the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers that cross the Tennessee/Kentucky border.

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