Family Business Spans 60 Years

Exactly where was Loafers Rest?  How about asking the family who is still running the local grocery store.  The Taylor family will

The Taylors from left: Big Ronnie, Joyce, Hunter and his dad Little Ronnie

The Taylors from left: Big Ronnie, Joyce, Hunter and his dad Little Ronnie

know where is was, since the fourth generation is now taking his position to carry on.  Hunter Taylor, a student at Oakland High School is working when he has time, learning the trade under his father Little Ronny and grandparents Big Ronny and Joyce Taylor.

Taylor’s Grocery has been in the family since 1952.  Then in 1962 when Ronny and Joyce got married the began running the store with Ronny’s father Grady Taylor.

Little Ronny was practically born at the store, Mrs. Taylor says.  When he was an infant he slept in a box behind the counter while she operated the register.

Haven’t figured out just where Loafer’s Rest was located?  Well, coming from town on Old Woodbury Pike just before Kittrell, the landmark was Taylor’s Grocery.  Kids would play on the feed bags on the porch and take an occasional nap while the adults laughed and solved the world’s problems.

The Taylors and their store have seen a lot of changes, not only with growth of businesses but the decline of people in the Kittrell area where families dealt with them on a regular basis by running in and picking up a few things and saying, “put it on my ticket.”  “There were children of families who traded with us before dying or moving, who still live out this way and still buy from us”, added Mrs. Taylor.

The enjoyment of dealing with friends and the conversations still make the Taylors glad they’ve kept the store operating all of these years and that their son Little Ronny and grandson Hunter are as interested in serving the community as they were 50 years ago.

When you’re wanting a pound or so of bologna, at Taylor’s Grocery it comes out of the meat case and sliced to order.  Stop by and say hello and get some gas while you’re at it.  They are located at 4524 Woodbury Pike.

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