North Maney Avenue Home First to Qualify for Tax Abatement

May 8, 2020, Greg Tucker, Rutherford County Historian

Fulghum-Nuell House, 513 North Maney Street, is the first to qualify for new tax abatement program

Congratulations to RCHS Secretary Bonnie Black!

Her home at 513 North Maney Avenue, Murfreesboro, is the first historic property approved under the new Rutherford County Historic Properties Tax Abatement program.

The Maney Avenue home, known as the Fulghum-Nuell House, is in one of Murfreesboro’s first post-war (ed. Civil War) residential developments. This century-old neighborhood is built on property that was part of the Oaklands Plantation owned originally by Sallie Murfree Maney and her husband James Maney. The neighborhood was annexed into Murfreesboro in 1870.

The Fulghum-Nuell House was built between 1876 and 1878 and first occupied by the Fulghum family.

Rutherford is the first Tennessee county to establish a property tax abatement to encourage preservation of historic residential and commercial structures. “The people of Rutherford County have made a commitment to protecting and understanding our shared history and heritage,” notes Rutherford County Historian Greg Tucker. The program initiative began with Property Assessor Rob Mitchell and was aggressively supported by County Mayor Bill Ketron.

Black’s application established that her property met the historic criteria and that her proposed renovation was consistent with the preservation objectives of the tax abatement program. The tax assessment on Black’s property (structures only, land excluded) will not increase during the ten-year abatement period.

“The home at 513 North Maney Avenue is an example of the gable and wing style that was popular in the 1870’s.”

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