The RCHS is officially Chartered! (February 10, 1975)

The Rutherford County Historical Society was incorporated by the State of Tennessee as a non-profit organization on February 10, 1975.

The following is from ‘RCHS Synopsis 1970-1975‘:

Rutherford County Historical Society

The Rutherford County Historical Society was organized in December of 1970, and has its purpose the procurement and preservation of the various elements that pertain to local history; the dissemination of historical information; and the provision of an outlet for those who are interested in their country’s heritage, with a particular reference to Rutherford County.

Rutherford County was established in October 25, 1803 and named in honor of General Griffith Rutherford, a Revolutionary War soldier.  The year 1803 came just seven years after Tennessee had attained statehood in 1796.  Thus, the political entity has the status of relative antiquity among other Tennessee counties.  Therefore, it must be quite obvious that Rutherford has generated a considerable mass of quality heritage during its almost two hundred years of existence.  The (Rutherford County) Historical Society attempts to highlight and encourage retention of the vestiges that remain in whatever form, and also, to recapture for prosperity the memory of that which has been eroded or destroyed.

The Society was incorporated by the State of Tennessee as a non-profit organization on February 10, 1975


Membership has no geographic restrictions.  It may be obtained by the payment of $15.00 for either an individual or family membership for the fiscal year.  Student membership, if associated with a school in Rutherford County, is $5.00 a year.  Although the Society membership rolls reflect a preponderance of Rutherford County residents as members, memberships can also be held by interested individuals in other Tennessee counties as well in other states.  Both categories of membership will receive one free publication annually in addition to the FROW CHIPS, the information sheet, which is sent out ten times a year.  Interested individuals may become members at anytime, but there is no proration of dues.  The membership year begins September 1 and continues through the next August 3151


A sampling of the Society activities of the past includes: construction of an obelisk near Murfreesboro marking the exact center of the state of Tennessee; publication of a three-volume compendium of cemeteries in this county; the three volume edition of the Spence diaries; thirty-nine volumes of Rutherford County history; and a genealogical history of this county.  All of these efforts involved countless dedicated hours by historical society members who have dedicated themselves to the task of getting information about this county out before the public.


Meetings are scheduled for the third Monday evening of each month, except December when no meeting is held.  The Society’s annual banquet is held each year in the month of November.  Although frequency of members is not a prerequisite for membership, an average membership meeting usually attracts 30-40 members and quests.  The current meeting place is at the Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church and entrance is gained from Spring Street door.  The society convenes monthly at either 7:00 or 7:30  depending on the time of the year.


Letters of inquiry, requests for memberships, orders for past publications, and other matters relating to the functions and activities of the Society should be addressed to:  Rutherford County Historical Society, PO Box 906, Murfreesboro, TN  37133.

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