The towns of Old Jefferson and Jefferson Springs

We created this post in late 2008, right after the release of ‘Pictures and the Stories they Tell‘ by Frank Caperton and Susan Daniel.  Toby Francis and Ernie Johns provided many of the photos, many being old Polaroids that were sitting in a shoe box!

Click here  for a detailed story by Kevin Markuson concerning the history of the Old Town of Jefferson.

(page 74, 'Pictures and the Stories they Tell')

(page 75, ‘Pictures and the Stories they Tell’)

'Pictures and the Stories they Tell', page 76

(page 76, ‘Pictures and the Stories they Tell’)

Please click on each photo to enlarge.

I filmed Jefferson native Toby Francis in January of 2015.  Toby shares incredible information regarding the who, where and when of ‘Old Jefferson’.  Enjoy!

Tour of Old Jefferson, January 31, 2015

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