The Petition Requesting the Establishment of Rutherford County

To the honorable, the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.

The petition of a number of the citizens of Davidson and Williamson Counties humbly sheweth that the vast extent of said counties renders it inconvenient for your petitioners to attend Courts, General Musters, Elections, etc. at the towns of Nashville and Franklin, and there being a sufficiency of territory agreeable to the Constitution, to form a new county within the bounds hereafter to be described and leaving constitutional quantities within the bound of the old counties.  We your petitioners therefore pray that you will consider our situation and grant us a new county with the following boundaries, viz: beginning on the top of the ridge dividing the waters of Stones River and Mill Creek, in the Williamson County line, and run southwardly with said ridge so as to leave all the waters of Mill Creek and Harpeth in Williamson County, until the ridge intersects the now Eastern boundary of said Williamson County;- thence continue South with said line of Williamson County to the South boundary of this State; – thence with the line of Wilson County North and NorthWestwardly continuing with said county line to an elm and white ash, the corner of said county, which is North East from the mouth of Hurricane Creek, which is four miles and thirty six poles; thence from the mouth of Hurricane Creek South West to the top of the first mentioned ridge; thence with said ridge Southwardly to the beginning.

And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.  August 10, 1803.

Andrews, David
Andrews, James
Andrews, John
Anthony, John Jr.
Aspey, Alex
Avery, William Isom
Baldwell, Ruben
Barfield, Fredk.
Barfield, James
Barfield, Williams
Bayer, Joseph
Bean, Ahab
Bean, Jesse
Bean, Robert
Bean, William
Bedford, J. R.
Bedford, Thomas
Benge, Obediah M.
Brandon, Georg
Brandon, Cornelius
Buchanan, George
Bulla, James
Campbell, Saml.
Carlisle, James
Carlisle, William
Carlisle, Joseph
Carroll, Joseph
Carson, Wm.
Carter, William
Castleman, Joseph
Cathey, Griphy
Clarke, Jesse
Clarke, Robert
Conger, Isaac
Cooper, Ritchard
Cosbey, John
Cothern, James
Cummin, Jam.
Cummins, John
Davis, Henry
Davis, James
Dement, Abner
Dement, Cader
Donaldson, James
Doran, Willm.
Dyer, John
Edwards, Ben
Edwards, Benjamin
Edwards, Jno.
Edwards, Owen
Edwards, Presly
Edwards, Presley
Edwards, Tho.
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Wm.
Faver, James
Ferguson, Daniel
Fleming, John
Foster, Anthony
Frazor, James
Gambil, Bradley
Gambil, John
Gambil, Jordin
Gambill, Benjamin
Gambrell, Aron
Gammil, Aaron
Gammil, J. H.
Gammil, Milton
Gammil, William
Gardner, James
Gillespie, Francis
Gillespie, George
Gillespie, James
Glover, Samuel Sr.
Gordon, John
Gowan, William
Gowen, Joseph
Greenwood, William
Griffin, John
Hadley, Joseph
Handcock, Benja.
Hankins, Lewis
Hardeman, Constt.
Harper, Edward
Harper, William Sr.
Harper, William Jr.
Harriss (?), James
Hawkins, James
Hayes, Cain (?)
Hays, James
Herndown, Jos.
Hill, Isaac
Hill, James
Hope, Wm.
Howell, Jno.
Howell, William
Jackson, John
Jackson, William
James, Daniel
Jenkins, Hyram
Jetton, John L.
Jetton, Robert
Johns, Jesse
Johns, John
Johns, John H.
Jones, John H.
Jones, John M.
Jones, Jos.
Jud, C. V.
Kelton, Robt.
Kelton, Wm.
Kelton, Wm. Jr.
Key, Sandy
Key, Thomas
Kimbro, Azariah
Kimbro, William
Kimbro, William
Kimbro, William C.G.
Koonce, William
Kyle, Ruben
Lamb, Adam
Lambert, Reuben
Lasley, Elisha
Laughlin, William
Lawrence, John
LeGrand, Peter
Lemmons, Abraham
Linch, John
Linsey, James
Long, Samuel
Lytle, Wm.
McBride, Francis
McBride, Samuel
McClure, James
McCulloch, Alex
McKee, Capt. John
McKinney, Sam
McKnight, Jam.
McKnight, Joseph
McKnight, William
McNeil, C. G.
Magness, Jonath.
Magness, Robt.
Mankin, Thomas
Mann, John
Marble, Amos
Marlin, William
Martin, Alexander
Mathews, Dudly
Matthews, Dudly
Matthews, Robert
Menifey, Nimrod
Middleton, William
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, Lee
Miller, Simon
Mitchell, Mark
Mitchell, Tho.
Mitchell, Wm.
More, Alex.
Morrow, John
Morton, Abner (?)
Morton, James
Morton, James Sr.
Morton, James Jr.
Morton, Joseph
Nance, Isac
Nance, Bird
Nance, William
Nash, Francis
Nash, Francis C.
Nash, Wm.
Nelson, George
Nelson, Thomas
Nevins, Isaac
Nevins, Jno.
Nevons, Joseph
Newman, Joseph
Newsom, Balum
Nichols, Joseph
Nichols, Joshua
Norman, Jam.
Norman, Jno.
Norman, Presley
Norris, Wilm.
Nugent, John
O’Dean, (?) Meger
Oldham, Hugh Rier
Olliphant, James

Ormon, Wm.
Osburn, Luke
Robins, Samuel
Robinson, Moses
Robison, Wm.
Rodgers, David
Rucker, Thomas
Sanders, Reuben
Sawyers, Thomas
Scott, Charles
Searcy, Wm. W.
Sherwood, Daniel
Sherwood, Hugh
Ship, Joseph
Smith, Cunningham
Smith, John
Smith, Robert F. N.
Smith, William
Smith, William R.
Smothers, John Sr.
Smothers, John Jr.
Star, Barnes
Steel, Arbl.
Stockird, John Jr.
Sullins, John
Sullivan, Patrick
Sutvin, Jeames

Tennison, Joseph
Thacker, Jeremiah
Thacker, Larkin
Thompson, John
Thompson, Col. John
Thompson, Joseph L.
Thompson, Thomas
Tiler, Thomas
Tilus or Titus, James
Titus, Robert
Tucker, Silas
Tucker, William
Walls, Simon
Watts (?), Thomas
White, C(am) G.
Whitsett, James
Williams, Jos.
Williams, David
Wills, James
Wilson, Samuel
Winsett, John
Wright, Isaac
Wright, Isaac Jr.
Wright, Jacob
Wright, Lemuel
Young, John H.
Young, Peter

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