1926 Campus School

Mary Frizzell’s 1st and 2nd grade; 1926. Back Row: 1) Thomas Gardner, 2) Betty White, 3) Bonnie (Blossom) Golightly; 4) Dixie Gertrude Hodge; 5) Mary Ann Grannis; 6) Harry Patillo; 7) Mildred Dill; 8) Susan Lytle (Bragg); 9) Frances Sanders. Middle Row 10) B. B. Gracy; 11) Elizabeth Woodmore; 12) Dorothy Johnson; 13) Gladys Bugg; 14) Jane Smotherman; 15) George Bock; 16) Van Fox; 17) Myrtle Vick

The Homer Pittard Campus School has been the ‘training school’ for future educators from Middle Tennessee State University since 1911.

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