1956 Smyrna Lions Club Softball Team

August 1, 1956, The Rutherford Courier

ALL PRIMED FOR ACTION – The Smyrna Lions Club softball team, with plenty of reserves, is shown just before boarding a bus to go to Ashland City (ed. Tennessee) Monday for its first game on a foreign field with the Lions of that community. Their performance was ferocious and the brought home a 16-6 victory.

In the group, from left, are: front row – John Hagar, Jr., Robert Palmer, Jack Goodall, James D. Berry, Mayor Sam Ridley, Squire Knox Ridley, Donald Reis, Jack Smith, John Buckner, Walter Loggins, Richard Hankins, Eugene Odom and Walter King Hoover.

Back row – Bus driver Porter Ford, Earl Coleman, Willard Mingle, George Hart, Rucker Raikes, Sam B. Coleman, Clifford Aarons, Ernest Graves, City Commissioner Silas Coleman, P.H. Patterson, City Commissioner Robert Gwynee, John Mitchell and W.E. Carter

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