1965 Murfreesboro Police Deparment

1965 – Tennessee Law Enforcement Journal

Chief W.I. Chambliss is pictured here, front and center, with his Murfreesboro department. In the front row from left, Lt. R. Vance, Lt. T.C. Lamb, Lt. J.R. Howse, Lt. G.D. O’Brian, Sgt. Robert Blanton, Sgt. H. Carlton, Sgt. C. Walton, Det. E.N. Brown, Det. L. Singleton, Dispatcher W. Mosley, Dispatcher J. Cook, back row from left, J. Tribble, J. Brandon, Sgt. W. Gooch, E. Smothers, L. Avent, J. Haggard, D. Woodruff, W. Davis, L. Johnston, B. Boyd, M. Boyd, B. Jacobs, Sgt. D. Graham, J. Mosby and M. Binford. Not present J. Baskin and Dispatcher J. Lynch (photo by Jerry Underwood)

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