231 School (Black), Christiana, 1962-1967

The 231 SCHOOL BLACK 1962-1967 was on the east side of U.S. 231. It was eight miles south of Murfreesboro. C. C. Ellis and wife May S. sold land to the Rutherford County School Commission in a deed dated August 16, 1961; Earl White and wife Christine, in a deed February 6, 1962.

The yellow brick building was constructed on 20 acres of land. There were eight classrooms, a large auditorium, two office rooms, a teachers’ lounge, three restrooms, and a modern kitchen.

In 1962 the staff consisted of Principal Margaret Butler, grade 8; Marie Bright Witherspoon, grades 6-7; Gracie Morton Robinson, grade 5; Julia Bass Butler, grades 2-3; Jack E. Avent, grades 3-4; Mrs. Willie C. Miller, grade 1; Felix Wade, special education, grades 1-8; and Gwendolyn Hill. Carrie
Johnson taught later.

Students from the CHRISTIANA SCHOOL BLACK which hadalready consolidated the schools of FOSTERVILLE, WAYSIDE, MT. MORIAH, and HAPPY HILL, were transported to the new school by bus. Students from DILLARD and MT. PLEASANT were now also consolidated with the new school.

In 1967, with integration, 231 SCHOOL BLACK became CHRISTIANA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, incorporating the white elementary students from CHRISTIANA. The teachers of the lower grades were retained; teachers of the higher grades were sent to Murfreesboro.

The 231 SCHOOL BLACK was the site of the fourth black school in the Christiana area.

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