American Sycamore Tree at Courthouse listed at Monumental Trees website

Rutherford County Assessor of Property took the initiative to measure the girth of the huge Sycamore tree on the east side of Rutherford county’s historic Courthouse.

Tree 1

The tree was planted near the time the Courthouse opened – 1859.  Rob Mitchell measured the girth at 16’9”.  The height is 90.13′ and span is 84.15′.

Tree 2

This tree is one of four original trees donated to the property by Alfred Miller from his plantation off Highway 231 South (South Church Street) and is the only surviving tree.  The old plantation is now the location of Indian Hills Golf Course and subdivision.  It is believed to have been planted with slave labor but this cannot be verified.  The majestic tree witnessed Union occupation of Murfreesboro during the War between the States and the liberation of Murfreesboro by General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA.

Please visit Monumental Trees website for more information.

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