Bryant’s Grove School (Black) 1880-c1940

BRYANTS GROVE SCHOOL BLACK 1880-c1940 was on the south side of Couchville Pike near the Davidson County line. It was on land given for a school and church by Henry Bryant and wife on August 28, 1880 and by Will Bryant and wife Hattie on January 13, 1913. The two families gave one acre of land each. The name H. Bryant is on the Beers Map of 1878.

On June 18, 1914, the County Board of Education sold to the Sons and Daughters of Charity the first acre of land formerly known as Bryant’s Grove Colored Church which was then bounded on the north by the new Colored Baptist Bryant’s Grove Church and School.

Dora Holden was the teacher for many years. Willie Mai Randolph was teaching in 1932. Names of other teachers were Glenn, Mack, Reynolds, Greene, Wilks, Burrus, and Gray.

Family names of students included Roberson, Perry, Stone, Bryant, Wilks, and Jordan.

The large-sized building, the second school, was later converted into a home.

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