Buchanan School, 3rd Grade 1951-52

This pic was shared by an anonymous longtime Society member, originally shared October 20, 2012 to his/her ancestry.com tree…

1951-52 3rd Grade class, Buchanan School

Buchanan School, Rutherford County, Tennessee.

FRONT ROW, left to right: Tom Arnette, Steve Lawrence, Joe Pearson, Judge Rigsby, James H. “Jimmy” Jacobs, and George Haynes. ROW TWO: Jannie Smith, Wanda Coffman, Nancy Hughes, Elaine Drake, and Sherry Mason. ROW THREE: Betty Toombs, Carolyn Batey, Alice Miller, unidentified girl, Carolyn Sherrill, Howard Leonard, Jerry Hayes (partially blocked), Evans Maples, David Mason, and David Homery Eatherly. BACK ROW: David Braswell, L. D. Arnold, tall girl unidentified, William Kennedy Ivie, and a student whose face is totally blocked.

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