Burnett’s School 1851-c1915

BURNETTS SCHOOL 1851-c 1915 was on Burnett Road which ran south off the Couchville Pike. The schoolhouse was built on land of Lewis Burnett. The name L. Burnett is shown on the 1878 Beers Map.

The one-room log building was heated by a fireplace.

Teachers included Vera Burnett, Zona Burnett, Ralph J. Neal, Dr. James R. Major, Mamie Clemmons, Lillian Duggin, and Mr. Alsup. J. Norman Barnett taught in 1913 was one of the last teachers.

Children were from the families of Burnett, Brodley, Neal, and others in the immediate vicinity.

The school was abandoned when the students were sent to Rockdale, District 1.

In later years when Louise Hilliard was taking a census, she found that a man, wife, and child had made the old schoolhouse their home.

SOURCES: Christine Sanders Farrar, “Historical Notes on Friendship Church and Community” RCHS, Pub. no. 6, Winter 1976 . *J Norman Barnett, now deceased. *Louise Hilliard.

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