Campground School, 1878-1895

CAMPGROUND SCHOOL 1878-1895 was located at the southeast intersection of the Midland-Shelbyville Road and the Campground Road. Its site is marked on the 1878 Beers Map.

The one-room building was built on the east of the church grounds and faced the church rather than the Midland Road.

A teacher was Sally McLean, wife of Dr. Joe McLean.

Sally’s cook rode her to school each day on the front of a horse and then called for her each day when school was over. Dr. Joe McLean and his wife lived south of Midland as shown on the 1878 Beers Map. Eunice Williams Holden and her brother Horace, who also lived south of Midland, used to watch the teacher Sally McLean ride past their house on her way to school.

CAMPGROUND SCHOOL and GRAVEL HILL SCHOOL were consolidated in the new MIDWAY ACADEMY in 1895. It was midway between the two schools.

The Campground Church is still standing.

SOURCE: Interview, Sept. 24, 1982, with Eunice Williams Holden, b. Oct. 21, 1889, died Jan. 8, 1985.

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