Campus School PTA Program

February 15, 1952, The Rutherford Courier

Present day Campus School, located at 923 East Lytle Street (Murfreesboro), across from Middle Tennessee State University, was known as The Training School for many decades.

Students from the fifth and sixth grades at the Training School will present the Minuet and the Texas Schottische as a part of the Founders’ Day program on Monday evening at the school. The are: Lucile Faulkner, Marietta Jackson, Nancy Jane Smith, Betty Harrison, Martha Deter, Sally Cason, Charles Brandon, Thomas Buroker, Bobby Jarrett, Bob Mifflin, Roy Nichols, Larry Haynes, fifth grade Jane Kerr, Dale O’Gwynn, James Palmer, Newton Perry, Leonard Tucker, Howard Wall, Judy Brandon, Kitty Hooper, Molly Nelson, Linda Sue Reeves, Leandra Tunks, Patty Waller, sixth grade

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