Cedar Grove School, 1882-1911

CEDAR GROVE SCHOOL 1882-1911 was known as School No. 6 in District 24. It was located on the west side of Cedar Grove Road just before the Cedar Grove Methodist Church which is shown on the 1878 Beers Map. It was in the field east of the present home of Kenneth Todd and about two miles east of the Manchester Highway.

On August 4, 1882, Joseph P. J. Hoover deeded .5 acre of land for a school; and on August 15, 1882, he deeded another one-half acre.

Known teachers were Asa Todd in 1896; Herrod McNabb, principal, 1909-1910; W. S. Donnell, principal, 1910-1911; Elizabeth Hall Barker, 1909-1910 and 1910-1911.

Fannie Hoover McCrary, b. 1882, was an early student. Students listed in the Register of July 13 to November 13, 1896, were: Mary, Goldie, Calvin, and Davis Burnett; Emma and Thomas Bush; Lizzie, Josie, and Johnnie Darnell; Ollie, Fannie, and Earskine Hoover; Mary, James, and Earnest Hughes; Henry Jacobs; Mary, Callie, and Myrtle Jernigan; Jasper, Rice, and Libern Mankin; Lillie McCullough; Alford Miller; Willie P., Alford L., Monroe, and Albert Rubin; Nannie Sullivan; Hollis Williams; John L. and Frank Weichance; Mattie, Allen, and Dock Wood.

Grades taught were one through five. No ages of the students were given in the Register.

Mr.. Joseph P. J. Hoover taught a writing school in the building when school was not in session.

Mr. Wilson Auberry bought the land in 1928.

SOURCES: Deed Book 26, pp. 334, 340. Register of Asa Todd furnished by *Maggie Lowe Good. Interview, May 6, 1985, with Rena Belle McCrary Delbridge, b. Oct. 25, 1900, daughter of Fannie Hoover McCrary and granddaughter of J. P. J. Hoover. *Mary Lawrence Barker Oliver, daughter of *Elizabeth Hall Barker. *Mary Frank Auberry, whose father bought the school land in 1928 and lived in Joe Hoover’s house.

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