Coleman School, 1881-1910’s

COLEMAN SCHOOL 1881 – was in Civil District 9 and School District 32 on the north side of the Murfreesboro and Jefferson dirt road, now the Central Valley Road. It was about two and one-half miles west of the Lebanon Road.

On August 6, 1881, Newt A. Coleman signed a deed for one-fourth acre of land for a public or a subscription school. The property was to revert to the Coleman family when the school was no longer used. The name N. Coleman
is shown on the Beers Map of 1878.

The schoolhouse was a one-room log building.

Gib Alsup was a teacher.

Russell Coleman, b. 1874, attended the school.

The building was torn down in the 1910’s.

SOURCES: Deed Book 25, p. 611. Interviews, Nov. 16, 1985, with John Coleman, great nephew of Newt Coleman, son.of Russell Coleman, and owner of land which adjoins the old schoolhouse lot; Nov. 15, 1985, with
Charles Rooker, whose father, Joe Rooker, b. Aug. 6, 1885, is still living in 1986 in that area.

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