College Grove Schoolhouse, aka The Arnett School, 1878-1903

COLLEGE GROVE SCHOOLHOUSE, later called ARNETT SCHOOL 1878-1903, was in the Readyville area and north east of Pilot Knob. The site of the school and the name S. Arnett are on the Beers Map of 1878. Also shown are the names W. R. J. and W. F. Hoover.

On March 1, 1878, Samuel Arnett signed a deed to School Directors William E. Youree, James S. Nelson, Benjamin F. Travis, Samuel Arnett, and George Brandon for three-fourths acre of land for a school on the old stage road from Murfreesboro to Woodbury. The school to be called the COLLEGE GROVE SCHOOLHOUSE was bordered by J. Dickins.

It was on land known as the “Jesse Gilliam tract at the road to Alexander’s Mill.” The building was to serve not only as a school but for whatever purposes the Trustees thought suitable for the good of the neighborhood.

On November 30, 1880, Trustees William E. Youree, Samuel Arnett, Samuel Nelson, Thurston Brandon, and B. F. Travis deeded back to Samuel Arnett, former owner, the three-fourths acre of the COLLEGE GROVE SCHOOLHOUSE on the east prong of Stones River. The building has burned.
On June 12, 1882, W. R. Jameson deeded to Trustees Samuel Arnett, W. R. Jameson, G. T. Brandon, W. F. Hoover, and I. S. Nelson land for a schoolhouse. The lot bordered the land of W. F. Hoover and was on the old Murfreesboro and Readyville stage coach road about one and three-fourths
miles northwest of Readyville and just southwest of the old COLLEGE GROVE SCHOOLHOUSE. If not used for a school, the land was to revert to the grantor.

On December 15, 1894, W. F. Hoover deeded one-fourth acre to M. E. Pitts, W. E. Youree, and W. S. Arnett. The land adjoined the schoolhouse lot previously deeded by W. R. Jamison.

Liz Arnett, daughter of Sam Arnett, was a teacher. James Lesly Arnette taught 1902-1903.

The second school is no longer standing.

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