Crescent School, 1922-1937

CRESCENT SCHOOL 1922-1937 was on the west side of the Barfield-Crescent Road and about 1/2 mile north of the intersection of this road and Armstrong Valley Road. It was north of the Crescent Church of Christ. On November 11, 1922, Sam J. Overall and wife Dossie Pearl acknowledged a deed of 1.93 acres to the County Board of Education for a school.

The weatherboarded building, painted white, had a small front porch and a hip-roof with a chimney at each end. The front door opened to a hall with a room on each side. Across the entire back was an auditorium with a stage and folding doors which converted the auditorium into two rooms.

The number of teachers varied from one to three. Among the teachers were Nellie Malone Parsley, Ruby Smotherman Davis, Mary Anna Brandon, Lavada Bowling, Jane Bennett Shearin, Mary Lou Cordon Davidson, Lena Taylor Alsup, Elvira Brothers, 1930-1932; Myrtle Ogles Robinson, 1934-1937.

Elvira Brothers and Lena Alsup remember directing a community play and later taking it to Barfield for a performance.

Robert Baskin remembers the time when a boy, without authority, poured gasoline into a warm stove and ignited himself. He started to run but the teacher quickly tripped him, smothered the flames, and saved his life.

On October 15, 1937, the Rutherford County School Board signed a deed for the school property to Mrs. Adna Pairlee Smith. Later, the property was resold; the building was torn down; and a brick house now stands on the site.

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