De Jarnett School (Barfield), 1883-1893

DE JARNETT SCHOOL 1883 – c 1893 was on the east side of the West Fork of Stones River and on the north side of the road that runs from Barfield to the Shelbyville Highway. The name De Jarnett on the 1878 Beers Map shows the location of the farm. A good well still marks the site of the school.

On August 25, 1883, R. D. and Nannie De Jarnett deeded to William Morton, M. Alexander, and R. D. De Jarnett one-half acre of land for a public school.

The parcel was bordered on the north by N. A. Brandon. The land was to revert to the grantor when the school closed.

The school was evidently short-lived. John Nance De Jarnatt, son of R. D., was born in 1888 but attended KNIGHT SCHOOL which opened on the Shelbyville Highway in 1893. It is believed the DE JARNETT SCHOOL became a school for the Blacks.

SOURCES: Deed Book 27, p. 59. Interview, June 17, 1985, with John Nance De Jarnatt, Jr.,, grandson of R. D. There is a difference in the spelling of the family name.

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