Dillard Rosenwald School (Black), Barfield, 1910-1962

DILLARD ROSENWALD SCHOOL BLACK 1910’s-1962 was located the west side of the Barfield-Crescent Road near the Webb’s Chapel Methodist Church. It was on the same site as the previous WEBB’S CHAPEL SCHOOL.

The school was at first a one-room building which parents of the children helped to build. Later a wing consisting of a dining-room and a kitchen was added to the back on the left side. A well was dug.

Teachers were Mattie Butler Bracey, Lula Randolph Londson, Fruzzie Burrus, Jessie Burrus, Lillian Hammons, Lie Ransom, Estella Moore, Miss Willie Jackson, Lucy Mays, on Wade.

Some of the students from ROCKVALE BLACK and SALEM BLACK were bussed to DILLARD. Family names of students included Hughes, Mintlow, Smith, Batts, Johns, Edmondson, Bracey, Butler, Batton, Grissom, Johnson, Luster, Lytle, Carney, and Miller.

In the 1950’s Henrietta Davis and Amanda Haynes were cooks.

Mr. R. T. Butler, Sr., who resigned as supervisor in 1916, was instrumental in getting Rosenwald funds for the DILLARD SCHOOL.

The DILLARD SCHOOL was consolidated with the 231 SCHOOL (BLACK) in 1962. Some of the students went to Murfreesboro.

SOURCES: Interviews, May 7, 1984, with Marietta Smith b. 1908, student; Aug. 23, 1982, with Henrietta Davis; October 8, 1982, with Richard Johns, student. *R. T. Butler, Jr., d. April 5, 1986. *Lillian Hammons.

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