Dorothy Mai Ramsey comes to Murfreesboro 100 years ago

May 1, 2022, Carol Robertson White

Barbara Jean Smith was in fifth grade when the death of her Grandmother Dorothy prompted her family’s move into her grandparent’s home in Nashville. Letters, photographs, scraps of fabric and hats were all left behind for Barbara to experience as a child. Fascination with history grew, in Barbara, as the hints of Dorothy’s own childhood were pieced together over time.

This is an excerpt from the story of Dorothy Ramsey’s life prior to becoming a grandmother….

Dorothy Mai Ramsey was born in 1913 in Nashville, Tennessee. Dorothy’s father was a Superintendent with a Nashville-based contracting firm, and moved his family to Murfreesboro for a building project when she was just old enough to start school. Various phases of construction were photographed, often with little Dorothy posing at his side, providing a time-capsule of the specific time experienced by the Ramsey family in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Carol White excitedly identified the Periscope Hotel, just a few blocks away that is now apartments. Margie Weatherford joined in enjoying other discoveries. The Courthouse was quickly recognized but determining which Mill was pictured in several photos was more of a challenge. Frank, the camera guy, documented the occasion and scanned several photos before we left that day.

“Genuine thanks for the welcome from that first visit and for the friendships built since.
I am thrilled to be here!”, Barbara Pitto. 2022.

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