Eagleville School, 1884-1890

THE EAGLEVILLE SCHOOL 1884-1890, commonly called the SAVAGE SCHOOL, was first located in the old MALE AND FEMALE HIGH SCHOOL building on the right of the Baptist Church. The school building and church are shown on the Beers Map of 1878.

School was started on the second Monday in January, 1884, but by May 7 of that year Savage had submitted a plan to the Board for a new school house. The Board consisted of W.H. McCord, J.H. Hay, L.K. Lowe, J.S. Edmonds, J.F. Christopher and J.C. Williams. A new school with eight rooms and an auditorium was erected and also ten small separate houses, each one housing two boys.

The school was a chartered, four-year coeducational college and preparatory school. The course of study included Latin, Greek, French, German, Hebrew, mathematics through calculus, philosophy, music and Bible. There were two degrees offered: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts.

Teachers in 1884-1885 were G.M. Savage, English and mathematics; Alice Bailey, music; Rebecca Barnhill, British Literature, grades 6-9; N.P. Hackett, Latin, Greek, German; H.C. Hankins, art; Minnie Osborne, A. B., penmanship; Alice McCord, A. M., grades 1-5.

In 1888-1889 there were five teachers in the college: G.M. Savage, S.M. Bain, Miss M.A. Cason, and Miss Evie Franklin. The teacher of mathematics had not yet been elected. S.M. Crick was in charge of the commercial department. There was also a department for military tactics for the boys. Miss Elmira Jackson taught music. W. A. Cooksey was the one teacher in the children’s department.

Only a small sum was charged for lodging in the small houses. The boys also paid $7 to $10 a month for board at homes of families. The young ladies either boarded at the hotel for $10 per month room and board or at the Savage home. The hotel, which was managed by Mr. Carson, burned March 28, 1890.

Tuition fees were: $10 for first and second grades; $15 for third, fourth, and fifth grades; $20 for sixth grade through first year of college; and $15 for second through fourth year of college.

George M. Savage, born near Rienzi, Mississippi, on February 5, 1849, graduated from Union University in Murfreesboro in 1871. He married Fannie Williams, a daughter of Chesley Williams, who had a store in Eagleville and who had sold the land for the old MALE AND FEMALE HIGH SCHOOL.

On June 4, 1890, at graduation services, Dr. Savage announced that he had been elected president of Southwestern Baptist University and he then submitted his resignation to the School Board.

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