Ewingville School, 1899-1926

EWINGSVILLE SCHOOL 1899-1925 or 1926 was on the North Milton Road just across the Rutherford County line in Wilson County. Students from both counties attended the school.

EWINGSVILLE was first a one-teacher and then a two teacher school.

Known teachers were Hannibal Jennings, Quixanna Cook, and Herman Rhodes. Maynard Knight taught in 1904. It became customary for one teacher to teach until Christmas and for another teacher to work after the holidays. Elsie Knox was the first to teach for nine months. Miss Lannom
was probably the last teacher.

Elsie Knox, b. July 1893, started to school at EWINGSVILLE when she was six years old.

SOURCES: Hector F. Adams. *Elsie Knox.

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