Smyrna Female Academy 1838-c1867

FEMALE ACADEMY 1838 – c1867 was north of Smyrna on what was later Jones Mill Road in the Sewart Air Force Base area. The building was near the junction of the Harts and Stewart Creeks and opposite the properties of
Elizabeth Ridley and Constant Hardeman.

On October 15, 1838, Moses Ridley deeded to Trustees John R. Newsom, George Thompson, William J. Muse, Silas Tucker, and Moses Ridley 3 acres of land. The upper story of the building was to be the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the basement, a FEMALE ACADEMY. The deed
specified that if the building was unoccupied for five years, the property would revert to the Ridley family. The Trustees would have the right to remove the building.

On April 15, 1879, “The said land not having been used for either school or church purposes for a period of over twelve years,” some of the land was returned to Joseph R. Dillin, owner of the land partly by inheritance and partly by purchase of the interests of other heirs.

On September 16, 1879, W. K. Patterson and wife sold 2 23/160 acres, being a part of what was known as the Academy Lot, to Samuel P. Black for $57. W.K. Patterson was also an owner partly by inheritance and partly by purchase of the interests of others.

Smyrna Church, J.R. Dillin, W.K. Patterson, and S.P. Black are shown on the 1878 Beers Map.

SOURCES: Deed Book 1, p. 172; Book 24, pp. 359, 501.

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