Flat Rock School (Black), 1878-1920s

FLAT ROCK BLACK 1878-1920’s was located about one mile east of Midland on the south side of Midland to U.S. 231 Highway. The site is shown on the 1878 Beers Map.

Mr. Jim M. Williams, a school director and operator of the store at the Midland crossroads, provided the building. It had been a separate log kitchen on his farm.

Among the teachers were: Wright Bracey, b. about 1898, who rode a bicycle from his home near Barfield each day and was cousin of Wright Bracey who taught at BRACEY SCHOOL; Otis Butler, who taught during the 1910’s; Ernest Floyd; and India Thompson, who was teaching when the school was moved to the highway.

The FLAT ROCK SCHOOL building was moved to the east side of the U.S. 231 Highway between Christiana and Fosterville. It was located on the first knob north of the Midland Road, near the present sawmill and across from the home of the Fraziers and Braceys. The building became part of the building of FOSTERVILLE SCHOOL BLACK.

The Rutherford County Board of Education deeded to William Hart the former schoolhouse lot which was bounded on the east by William Hart, on the north by the Midland Pike, on the west by K. P. Heath, and on the south by William Hart. The deed was acknowledged on March 9, 1927. The name of William Hart is on the Dixie Highway Map.

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