Fosterville School Private, 1897-1903

FOSTERVILLE SCHOOL PRIVATE 1897-1903 was a short lived school near the railroad track and north of the depot in Fosterville. J. M. “Uncle Matt” Edwards and wife M. E. sold two acres of their land to the School Directors, J. M. Edwards, P. E. Prater, and Moses Swann Lynch. The deed was signed July 5, 1897. Mr. Matthews lived in Fosterville, next to his “fix-it” shop.

This school was consolidated with FLORENCE HILL ACADEMY at a new school, FOSTERVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, located across from the depot and behind the Presbyterian Church.

SOURCES: Deed Book 38, P. 257. Interview, Nov. 17, 1984, with Lucile Williams Bingham, wife of Jack Bingham, b. 1897. *Elvira Brothers, ci. June 15, 1985.

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