Fox Hollow School, c1900

FOX HOLLOW SCHOOL c1900 was on Fox Hollow Road which runs east off the Manchester Highway. It was on the right fork of the road soon after the road divides and was on the right side of the fork. No exact name is known for the school.

Lee Jacobs and Queenie Lynch Bingham were teachers.

Bob Sims White was a student. He rode behind Queenie Lynch Bingham on her horse. Catherine Jacobs Wisener attended before she was old enough to go to school.

Catherine has this to say: “There was a log schoolhouse near the Orrens’ home, and that is where I attended school for the first time. I must have been about five years old at the time – really too young to go to school, but since my daddy was the teacher, he took me along and I sat in his lap before the big open fire most of the day and learned . . . by just being there with the other children. The log house, as I’ve been told, was originally located in the yard where we were all brought up and was the home of our great grandparents on the Hoover side.”

SOURCES: Letter written, September 26, 1982, to *Mary N. Robinson by Catherine Jacobs Wisener, seventy-five years old at the time. Interview, October 3, 1983, with Clarence Frizzell, b. 1890, d. March 8, 1985. *Nell Bingham McKee.

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