Greenwood School, 1871-1914

GREENWOOD SCHOOL 1871-1914 was on the west corner of the intersection of State Road 99 and Greenwood Road. Greenwood Church and School are on the Beers Map of 1878.

The bottom floor of the two-story building was used as a school for the children of the area. The second floor was for the Greenwood Methodist Church.

Miss Nell Hayes taught there in 1906 and Pattie Hughes, sixteen years old, was a teacher in 1907. In 1914 the children at GREENWOOD SCHOOL were transferred to EAGLEVILLE.

The One Gallus Fox Camp is now on the property. The school was used as a house but is no longer standing.

SOURCES: *Minnie Fairfield Dyer, The History of Eagleville Dyer, 1972. Interview, June 19, 1985, with Pearl – Tucker, b. March 17, 1892.

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