Halls Hill School, 1937-1961

HALL’S HILL SCHOOL 1937-1961 was built on the foundation of the previous school.

The frame schoolhouse necessarily had a floor plan much like that of the school which had burned. Because it had no kitchen, patrons built a kitchen large enough to serve also as a dining room. An electric pump furnished both hot and cold water to the school.

Teachers included Walter Lowe, principal, 1934-1941, Christine Couch, who also served for a time as principal, 1931-1959, Margaret Kerr, Martha Ruth Jarratt, David Youree, principal, Altie Hare McKnight, Mary Beck McElroy Garvin, 1948-1955, Mrs. Jesse Wiser, Alice Craddock, principal in 1949, Virginia Haiston Hall, and Sara Brantley Turner, who
was the last teacher.

This was a one-through-eight grade school.

Again the mothers furnished the hot lunch program. When a cannery was opened in Murfreesboro, vegetables from the garden were canned.

Basketball teams practiced at times in the gymnasiums of the TRAINING SCHOOL and MTSC. In competition, sometimes two games were scheduled with two different schools for the same night.

It is remembered that Hollis Harris showed moving pictures in the school for the entertainment of the community.

When the enrollment became too low, HALL’S HILL SCHOOL closed, and children were taken by bus to LASCASSAS and KITTRELL SCHOOLS.

On October 21, 1962, the Rutherford County School Commission deeded to C. H. Elrod and wife Louise B. the school property of 3.74 acres.

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