Halls School, 1887-1922

HALLS SCHOOL 1887-c 1922 was first in District 7 and then in District 13 of Rutherford County. It was on the north west corner of Franklin Road and Gresham Lane.

On July 19, 1887, Flemmon Hall and wife Mary C. deeded one-half acre of land for a white school in the 36th School District to common School Directors James S. Hicks, N. P. Overall, and F. Hall. On November 17, 1897, Flemmon Hall deeded to his son, W. R. Hall, land which included the one half acre of school property. On August 26, 1899, Frank Demoray and wife Jane deeded to school directors the school property on Gresham Road which was included in land they had bought from W. R. Hall. In 1904, the school property bounded on the south by Franklin dirt road was deeded to school directors of District 13.

The school was a one-room frame building heated by a pot-bellied stove.

Teachers known to have taught there were Nannie Jackson, Sara Beasley Johnson, Miss Whitehead, Robbie Bell, Mrs. Calhoun, and Bessie Puckett.

Family names of students were Clark, Smothemnan, Lane, and Thurston.

When the school closed, students were transferred to EAST END GRAMMAR SCHOOL in Murfreesboro.

A house trailer is now on the old school grounds.

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