Haynes School (Black), 1909-1946

HAYNES SCHOOL BLACK 1909-1946 was on the north side of Shores Road and about two and one-half miles west of Beasley Road. It was on a lane that at one time led to the house and cemetery of the Blackman plantation.

On August 28, 1909, Charles Haynes and wife Caroline sold land for a school to the County Board of Education.

The school house was a one-room frame building with three windows on each side and a door on the south. It had space for fourteen double and ten single desks.

Teachers were A. C. Johnson, Polly Smith, “Bobby” Nancy K. Williams, Mary Green Coppage, Arena Mack Tillage, Richard North, Mary Oglesby, Minnie Rouser, and a Jones.

It was a one-teacher school for grades one through eight.

Family names of students were Haynes, Johnson, Wallace, Lawrence, Smith, Howse, King, Floyd, Phillips, Malone, Cummings, Patrick, Pinkerton, and Blackman.

In 1946, HAYNES SCHOOL was consolidated with LOCKE’S BLACK.

On January 13, 1949, the Rutherford County School Commission sold the one acre of school land to Fletcher Pinkerton and wife Ida D. The building is no longer standing and the property has changed hands.

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Haynes, daughter of Charles Haynes. *Arena Mack Tillaqe. *R. T. Butler, d. April 5, 1986.

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