Haynes School (Eagleville), 1878-1920

HAYNES SCHOOL 1878-1920’s was on Fishingford Road, now Fruit Valley Road, at its intersection with Kingdom Church Road. It was across from King Cemetery and the Kingdom Cumberland Presbyterian Church, which is still used. The site, first in Rutherford County, is now across the county line in Bedford County.

On August 31, 1878, Joseph T. Haynes signed a deed to School Directors Francis M. Jackson, John A. Williamson, and Nathaniel R. Taylor for one-half acre for a school. The land was bordered on the north by Temperance Brown.

The school was a simple, one-room, frame building.

Teachers known to have taught there were Edna Gentry and Ida Wheelhouse.

Among the students were Thomas Asa Stem, b. 1899, and Alline Taylor Welchance, who attended HAYNES SCHOOL in the first grade.

Family names included Crick, Taylor, King, Stem, Carlton, Pope, Webb, Lamb, and Bellanfant.

SOURCES: Deed Book 23, p. 618. Interviews, June 15, 1985, with Alline Taylor Weichance, student; June 15, 1985, with Virginia Taylor Jackson; June 15, 1985, with Lizzie Taylor Stem, wife of Thomas Asa Stem, d. 1985.

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