Homer Pittard Campus School graduates last sixth-grade class

May 22, 2012 –

Homer Pittard Campus School marked the end of an era Tuesday by graduating its final sixth-grade class.

Campus School Sixth GradeDuring the hour-long ceremony at the East Lytle Street School, former students delivered remarks to the outgoing class. Graduating students also gave a nod to teachers and support staff by telling those at the school-wide assembly how much of an impact they have had.

Some shared how a teacher’s smile turned around a bad day or how they were encouraged to be themselves. Class President Thomas Burks even poked fun at Principal Chontel Bridgeman.

“I’ll remember how she’d get on the floor and bust a move during the school variety shows,” he said.

Commonly known as Campus School, it is a public school jointly operated by MTSU and Rutherford County Schools. Campus serves as a lab school for students in MTSU’s teacher education program and many of its faculty members teach at the university.

The school opened along with the university in 1911 for grades 1-8. Ninth and 10th grades were added in 1927, but dropped 10 years later.When Central High was converted to a middle school in 1972, the Campus became a K-6 program. Last fall, the Rutherford County Board of Education opted to make it a K-5 school to keep it in line with the existing grade structure throughout the district.

As it is a choice school, parents are allowed to place children on a waiting list for entry when they celebrate their fourth birthday.

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