Huddleston’s aka ‘Pap’ Huddleston’s School, 1850-1892

MR. HUDDLESTON’S SCHOOL, called also “PAP” HUDDLESTON’S SCHOOL c1850-1892, was in the Readyville Community on the old Readyville-Woodbury Turnpike. The 1878 Beers Map shows the name as W. B. Huddleson.

The schoolhouse was a one-room, cedar log building and was in the corner of the yard where Mr. Leslie Justice later lived.

W. B. Huddleston was the teacher. He was born December 15, 1812, married F. G. York on September 6, 1837, and died December 19, 1892.

Fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic were taught.

Dr. Joseph David Hall, b. 1854, walked three miles to the school. Others walked as many as six miles to get an education.

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