Ideal Social Club, 1953

The Rutherford Courier, August 18, 1953

The Ideal Society Club consisted of a group of community servants who believed in fun, fellowship and service!

The first mention of the Ideal Social Club in the Daily News Journal was October 3, 1933 (the club began meeting in 1932) when the Club discusses an upcoming ‘musical revue and drawing’ at Holloway High School

In 1935, the Club sponsored a beauty pageant at Holloway High School.

1942 saw a Red Cross benefit at the Princess Theater featuring the Harmony Kings Quartet, the Harps of Zion with Ed Turnell as ‘the speaker’. Seats were reserved for ‘white people’.

Over the more than twenty years of the all-female club’s existence, these community servants enjoyed picnis, hiking, creating and donating Christmas baskets, even volunteering for the local Civil Defense during World War II.

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