Silver Spring School (Black), 1891-1959

SILVER SPRING SCHOOL BLACK 1891-1959 was on the east side of Florence Road which runs north of the Nashville Highway. The site was near the river, just south of the intersection of Wade Herrod Road. It was next to a

On August 28, 1891, a deed for one and one-half acres was signed to W. J. Espey, J. , B. Ward, and W. H. Hindman colored, School Commissioners, by Henry Swader, Ed Ransom, and Moses Davis, Trustees of Silver Spring Missionary Baptist Church. On August 30, 1947, another deed was made to Rutherford County School Commission by John Watson, Hiram Smith, and Jim Woods, Trustees of Silver Springs Baptist Church.

The first schoolhouse was a frame building. In 1947, it was replaced not far from the original site by a one-room building of concrete blocks. The schoolhouse had a front and a back door, small high windows, a cloak room, and a stage at the back of the room. It was heated by a round coal heater.

Teachers known to have taught in the frame building were Mattie Elder, Mr. Crowe, Mr. Black, Miss Morton, and Flora Buford. Teachers in the new school were Cora Vaughn, Mrs. F. B. Charlton, and Queen E. Washington, who taught eleven years and was the last teacher.

The enrollment of the second school was about thirty-five students. Families represented were Swader, Ward, Smith, Posey, and Brown.

Grades 1-8 were taught. Various programs and field trips were scheduled.
In 1959, SILVER SPRING SCHOOL was consolidated with the old SMYRNA ROSENWALD SCHOOL and the schoolhouse was torn down.

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