Key ‘Boro Mafia’ members

March 13, 2008, The Murfreesboro Post

The so-called “Murfreesboro Mafia” was an informal, self-financed group of businessmen who attracted new jobs to Murfreesboro back in the early 1950s. State Farm Insurance representatives and Murfreesboro VIPs met to celebrate the newly announcement agreement circa 1954 to open an operations center. Pictured from left to right are Ceil Elrod Jr. owner of WGNS Radio; Al Mifflin, president of Murfreesboro Bank & Trust, an unknown State Farm representative; Richard Stockton, chairman of State Farm board; an unknown State Farm representative; Tommy Martin, Mutual of New York insurance agent; Jack McFarland, publisher of The Daily News Journal and Murfreesboro Mayor A.L. Todd.

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