Kingsley House

August 11, 2018 Carol White, Rutherford County Historical Society

Kingsley – Home of Mr. and Mrs. Hughey King

Once Located on Halls Hill Pike, Kingsley, home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. King. Built in 1930 by the late William Earthman.

Its double colonial doors and doorway arches, its woodwork, paneling and mantles—were all taken from the historic Lytle home—giving it charm and the gracious look of a much older home.

The present owners bought the house in November 1958 from Mrs. James A. Scott, who planted the beautiful boxwoods, wisterias, and lilac that give the spacious grounds the nostalgic look of another era.

2005 Aerial photo compliments of Rob Mitchell, Rutherford County Property Assessor

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