La Vergne School (Black), 1877-1884

LA VERGNE SCHOOL BLACK 1920’s-l952 was on a dirt lane which ran south of La Vergne and was between and parallel to the present Buster Mason and Waldron Roads. The lane is no longer there.

The school was a one-room weatherboarded building.

Grades taught were one through eight.

Teachers were Mary Leva Buchanan, Cassie Mai Collier, Sarah Brown, Mr. Carter, and othersby the names of Fuller and Sharber. Cora R. Vaughn was a teacher in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Family names of students were Nelson, McKnight, Shoffner, Davis, Trimble, Espy, Hill, Kelly, Webb, and Giltrease.

On November 19, 1951, M. L. Trimble, J.H. Stevens, L.J. Trimble, and R.L. Gilchrist, Trustees of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church at La Vergne, deeded three acres to the Rutherford County School Commission for a new school. The Trustees worked diligently to get the community interested
in a school but their plans never did materialize.

The school closed in 1952. The students went either to SAND HILL BLACK or to SMYRNA ROSENWALD SCHOOL.

On June 28, 1952, J.B. Peebles bought from the Rutherford County School Commission the one acre of land.

SOURCES: *J H. Stevens. Interviews, February 28, 1985, with Walter Mason, b. 1906, who lived on Waldron Road in front of the school; March 1, 1985, with William Peebles, cousin of J. B. Peebles. Deed Book 110, P. 10; Book 112, P. 598. Rutherford County School Superintendent’s Office, School Records under “La Vergne.”

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