La Vergne School, 1887-1911

LA VERGNE SCHOOL fl. 1887-c 1911 was on the southwest side of the Nashville Turnpike and on the south side of the present Church of Christ.

On November 12, 1887, W.A. Goodman sold to the Christian Church a part of the school lot.

The frame school building contained one room with a curtain to separate the older and the younger children.

It was an eight-grade, two-teacher school. Teachers remembered are Alice Haynes, Eleanor Hill, Mr. Fielder, and Mr. Cook.

Mary Sutton Mason remembers in particular studying mental arithmetic. The brother of Miss Tommie Reynolds, a teacher at MIDDLE TENNESSE STATE, boarded with the Sutton family and helped Mary with her mathematics.

The school closed when a new school opened on the site of the 1877 school on the old Nashville Turnpike, south of this school but on the northeast side of the road. This abandoned school was later used as a home.

On July 4, 1939, W. H. Cartwright and J.O. Lester, Trustees for the Church of Christ, sold to Paul C. Waldron that parcel which had been bought from W. A. Goodman and which was in 1939 bordered by E.W. Waldron, W.A. Mason, Sr., and Trimble property.

On October 12, 1966, the La Vergne Church of Christ sold to J.B. Hartman and wife Grace .04 acre of school property on the old Nashville Highway.

The La Vergne Church of Christ still owns land and conducts services at the same location.

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