Little Rock School, 1884-1923

LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL f 1. 1884-1923 was located on Little Rock Road about three and one-half miles northeast of Eagleville. It was on land owned by James E. Jackson. In the neighborhood ‘as a grocery store, a tiling mill, and rental houses for the ill workers.

The two-room building was weatherboarded with shutters hinged on the outside for the windows. The playground was large enough for ball games.

Lizzie Garrett Dyer taught there about 1890. In 1902 the teachers were Tom Floyd and Susie Stegall Lewis. Others who taught about 1900 were Wate Lowe, Leonard Landis, Lottie Ralston, and Minnie Myrtle Ralston Owens. Later teachers were Bessie Buchanan in about 1911, Era Steele, Kate Love Collier, and Jimmie Manier. Georgia Lee Marable was teacher for the 1921-1922 school year. Mary McKnight Manley was the last teacher.

Mrs. G. C. Marable, 94 years old in 1972, attended first grade when six years old, in about 1884. Lois Ralston Collins, April 31, 1895, was an early student. Herman Jackson was in the third grade the last year the school was in session.

Bessie Jackson Buchanan had so many students she had to teach during recess to get all the classes taught. When Jimmie Manier was scheduled to be a second teacher, the enrollment lacked one student to meet the requirement.

Margaret Scott, age 5, was sent to stay with her aunt Jimmie to attend LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL for that one year.

Era Steele walked to school. She hid her old shoes in the stump of a tree and wore her good shoes into the classroom. She secretly threatened to take her shoes but they never summoned the courage to do so.

Bertha Turner Snow remembers starting on the big Chart when she first entered school. From it she learned reading and spelling. The word “squirrel” was a particularly hard word for her to master. Bertha also remembers the Chart for another reason. One day when the teacher was busy with another class, Bertha and friend Elaine Taylor thought up an “extracurricular” activity. While Bertha jutted out her chin and held it rigid,
Elaine pasted strips of paper on it. When the teacher looked up and saw Bertha with a white beard, she punished her for her naughtiness by making her stand behind the big Chart.

In 1923 the LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL was closed. The building was torn down, moved, and rebuilt as PLEASANT HILL SCHOOL.

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